A Supplier of Remanufactured Products Is the Cheapest Place to Buy HP Ink Cartridges

Third-party ink cartridges are cheaper than brand-name products. These cartridges are marketed as refurbished, refilled or remanufactured. They are commonly sold with the brand name noted of the original product, but the supplier makes it clear that the product has already been used and modified after it was emptied of ink. Owners of printers often want to find the cheapest place to buy HP ink cartridges.

Casual vs. Professional Printing

For casual printing purposes, third-party refurbished and refilled items generally are fine. When someone is printing for business reasons, such as proposals and sending out resumes, this person wants the copy and imagery to be crisp and impressive. Even in business, however, a second printer often is set up for drafts and in-house documentation for which a hard copy is needed. With so much communication being entirely digital now, printing and mailing business documents is increasingly infrequent.

Expert Insight

Consumer Reports conducted a survey in 2018 and found that nearly 40 percent of printer owners had given third-party cartridges a try. Most were satisfied with the print quality.

Affordable Frequent Printing

Individuals also like having a printer for rough drafts of documents, or for printing coupons and personal budgets. Affordable cartridges make it easier for them to justify printing whenever they feel like it instead of fussing about the cost. Suppliers such as Yo!Yo! Ink sell remanufactured cartridges so individuals and organizations that cannot spend a great deal of money on name-brand products have another option.

People who buy a printer sometimes are startled by the price of the new manufacturer-brand replacement cartridges. Many individuals live on a tight budget and simply cannot afford to print very often if they have to pay that sticker price. Two cartridges might cost more than the printer did. Some consumers even get a printer for free when they buy a computer, and they can hardly believe what brand-name ink cartridges cost. They normally have to replace the ones included with the printer pretty quickly, since those free ones hold a relatively small amount of ink. They are relieved to find another option in the refurbished products.